Protruding Front Teeth


I would like to know what could be done to improve my front teeth appearance.

I had front teeth that protruded when I was young and had a brace when I was
18. However my teeth were long so they still stuck out of my lip when I
closed my mouth. Therefore, I had my front teeth replaced with veneers when I
was 21 but they still looked quite forward, The dentist, decided to change
them to crowns and they actually looked better,

After a few years my teeth started to move and went back to their original
positions. I have a slighter larger lower jaw then my upper jaw, so what
happened was that when I had my braces at 18 I had tooth extracted, that gave
me the class 3 under bite. Which meant my lower teeth were leaning inwards.
When I was 24 I had undergone 2 years of orthodontics treatment with braces
on my upper and lower teeth to reposition the teeth to the correct position.

I recently had my crowns replaced because my dentist said the size and shape
were poor and did not fit with my face.

When he took off the old crown, I noticed my original front tooth were quite
forward and crooked, they look protrusive too. In my mind I was thinking
whether the brace has done it's work.

He finally placed replaced them with new crowns. But I am not happy with them,
I can't seem to closr my mouth as I did before and I can feel the front teeth
being too far forward.
I end up biting my lip alot and when I bite together, my 2 front teeth, the
tips slide out of my lip.

I have been very depressed and angry about the result. But my dentist says
its the normal position and I am not allowed to have them any further back.

The thing is it's giving me a buck teeth, or goofy look, and I have lost all
my confidence.

What can be done to make them further back? This only applies to my main 2
front teeth. Is it because the original teeth that were crowned being
protrusive...caused the crowns to bulk out even more? what can be done to
the original tooth to make it further back?

Please give some advice, as I honestly cannot live with these teeth. I do
not want to go through the same trauma I had when I was young for getting
teased due to having teeth that stuck out. That's the only reason I had
braces twice.