Re: Tooth pain

On 17 Dec, 20:30, George <chpet...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Although you have gone into great detail describing your problem, it's
really hard to say what the problem here is. If as you say the problem
is located only on one spot, I don't think I would suggest root canal
treatment... for the time being. They way you describe the problem, it
sounds like failure of the bonding agent, especially if the pain is
triggered when you release the pressure. I don't want to get very
technical, but sometimes this happens and especially with fillings
that could be considered small and it can be very frustrating for both
the patient and the dentist (well, I imagine it's more frustrating for
the patient!).
If I had a patient describing such symptoms to me, I would probably
remove the entire filling, making sure that I got all of it out since
white fillings can be pain to discern from natural tooth substance.
Then I would place a temporary restoration, probably glass ionomer,
and I would leave that for a few weeks for the patient to try. If the
symptoms disappear, it is very easy to cut back the glass ionomer
material, leave some at the bottom as a base and fill the rest with
white resin.
Of course your specific circumstances may dictate a different
approach; the only person that can tell is your dentist.



Thank for the very helpful and speedy response. It never occurred to
me to think about this but you are right - the pain comes on releasing
the pressure rather than applying it. I will summon up the courage to
vist the dentist again and suggest he replaces the filing as you

Thanks very much for your reply.

Regards, Chris