Re: White Mole

I would see a dermatologist. Sores which don't heal are not good.
"Gizmo" <nospaminnocentcat@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> For 20 years or so I have had what I call a 'white mole' on the side
> of my nose near the end. It is the same color as the rest of my skin.
> About 1 1/2 years ago I had a cold and in the course of blowing my
> nose during the cold I must have nicked the 'white mole' with my
> fingernail that caused it the bleed ever so slightly. Of course with a
> cold and having to blow my nose repeadly it didn't get a chance to
> heal. As odd as it seems it 'pulled open'. Maybe that has something to
> do with the fact that it is on the side of the nose where it naturally
> bends at the nostril. Well I did the wrong thing...rather than go to
> a doctor I tried an over the internet product called Bio-T. It removed
> the majority of the 'white mole' but it left a crater on my nose that
> has never completely healed. Having an effect on my appearance I tried
> covering it with makeup, and even tried everything from 'Second Skin'
> to Band-Aid 'Liquid Bandage', etc. to get it to heal with no luck.
> Anyone ever had a similar experience ?
> Two questions....should I go to a regular doctor or seek out a
> dermotologist? It has been suggested to me that I go directly to a
> dermatologist.
> Thanks