Active Breathing Control technique will be trialled at St. Luke's (crosspost)

When applied for CT scanning and treatment, the ABC procedure requires no
more than standard operation of the CT scanner or the medical accelerator.
The ABC scans are void of motion artifacts commonly seen on fast spiral CT
scans. When acquired at different points in the breathing cycle, these ABC
scans show organ motion in three-dimension (3D) that can be used to
enhance treatment planning. ??
New lung cancer treatment to be tested at St Luke?s - Ireland
28/01/2006 - 09:16:10

A new treatment for lung cancer will be tested on Irish patients for the
first time at St. Luke's hospital in Dublin today.

The Active Breathing Control technique will be trialled at St. Luke's
before being rolled out at other hospitals around the country.

Experts claim it could radically reduce the number of people who die from
lung cancer in this country.

Doctor Patrick Corley of the Irish Cancer Society explains how the
procedure works: ?When the patient is breathing in and out, a device stops
the patient breathing out at a particular time, and at that time the
radiation is delivered to the lung in a particular area.

?This actually causes a precise dose of radiation just to the diseased
tissue, and spares the surrounding healthy tissue,? he said.

?In some cancers its hoped to be able to reduce the amount radiation to
healthy tissue by about 12.5%, so with patients who have a very poor
prognosis this could be a significant factor in producing the mortality
from lung cancer,? Dr Corley added.

PS "reducing" (not producing)