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Date: 03/13/05

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    Date: 12 Mar 2005 16:56:52 -0800

    Well, we could all show up next week on the 18th in New Haven again for
    the sentencing of John Rowland at 141Church Street, New Haven, because
    next door is the US Attorney Kevin O'Connor, and we could kill three
    birds with one protest.

    O'Connor's is the Financial Building at 157 Church Street.
    Yale is there, too.

    And right around the corner is 600 State Street, which is the FBI
    building. Their number is
    203-777-6311, in case anyone would like to add to the criminal reports
    on Lyme submitted to either Judge Dorsey, Kevin O'Connor, or the FBI.

    I am sure the New Haven Police and the Yale Police know me. In fact,
    they all know me.

    I am also certain a great deal of the press will be there.
    Ellef and Alibozek worked for CIGNA, before they worked for Rowland.
    However they are being tried in Hartford.

    They are obviously part of that criminal racket.

    Blumenthal is suing the DCF commissioner:

    As well as the rest of those criminals.

    And here we have Blumenthal telling off the CDC:

    about their bogus testing for Lyme.

    Just a thought. We haven't done that in a while.
    We've done everything else.

    But I am the only one who contacted law enforcement, with the exception
    of one or two Lymies on the West Coast.

    Then there's always

    I heard he is doing another documentary on Kaiserfornia, Maybe you
    could handle that contact Phyllis, You and Rita, since you are out

    I say, try the FBI, first though, because this is a crime.

    I was reading Weisenheimer's suggestion on what everyone ELSE can do.
    I thought that was funny. People are always coming here giving advice,
    but the only thing left to do is to contact law enforcement and explain
    that Yale never had a vaccine, and the CDC's testing for Lyme is
    completely bogus. And on purpose, bogus.

    The failure of activism is indeed due the diabolical, lying
    back-stabbing, practices of ***, and the fact that we can't get our own
    family members to help us.

    I've said it a million times. This is racketeering and not a
    controversy. You all are coming here and saying the exact same things
    I said before, with the exception that there *IS* a great test for
    Lyme, and Yale owns the patent for it.

    Borrrelia specific flagellin. Nothing plasmid encoded should be used
    for diagnosis, because Lyme is a relapsing borreliosis, since that's
    what they all are.

    Barbour only looks for chromosomally encoded antigens, when HE wants to
    find any borrelia, as does Durland Fish.

    So, these newsgroup bitchathons are useless.
    *Do* something.

    Weisman is right about contacting bubble-headed politicians to the
    extent that you just have to be lucky getting the right celeb with the
    right disease. But Weisman is not right about allowing NIH to decide
    where research dollars go, since McSweegan was in charge of that, and
    look where it got us. Klempner got funded, he flat out lied to the
    Universe about his study and his results, as does Steere and Sigal, at
    every opportunity.

    2 amazing elements are at work in Lyme.

    1) We can't get Lymies to do anything because they are wimps.

    2) These NIH funded crooks thought they could get away with these

    I guess 1) explains 2).

    And God only knows what the rest of the medical community is thinking-
    the SCIENTIFIC medical community, that is, because what Weisman and
    Frank say is ALSO true- regular MDs are dopes.

    And the dopiest among them are Psychiatrists. Lyme is a brain disease.

    Psychiatrists are the most delusional class of people on earth. Think
    about it. Petty and self-absorbed ninnies for hire. I wonder how in
    the world can they leave *medical* school, and leave all that reality
    behind, for the entire rest of their career. THAT is delusional.

    NIMH has recently discovered that the brain is connected to the body,

    Imagine? They even list Lyme as a brain disease.
    They say what we say Lyme is. FINALLY.

    Now what was it you were saying about respecting people? Doesn't
    respecting people usually mean DOING something for them?

    Anybody can come here and bitch. UK Social Services was indeed up
    Christine Jennings's butt, and no one in their right mind would contact
    Social Services, but Christine was made to say that, under another
    threat. Understand? Another THREAT. In this strange and delusional
    world of right and wrong in medicine, we can murder babies, as long as
    their heads are not delivered.

    And, we can chop them to pieces, and suck them out, but don't dare be a
    Lyme activist and try to get care for your Lyme children, because that
    is child abuse.

    I imagine "Social Services" wouldn't mind that either.


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