Re: Paul Fjare Succumbs to Complications from Lyme Disease

They were. My website got killed this last year. The site (angelfire)
wrote me back and said that they didn't know why it had been pulled,
they didn't have a record of why, but I must've not logged in during
the past year or that no one visited the site in that time or or or-
etc- none of which was true!!! They said I could redo the site. I
have a 3 month old!!! But I found the photo of Joyce Marie Woods which
was not up on the old page, more are still dying. So one day when the
baby is older I will try to get a new site going if no one else has. I
spent WEEKS on those sites. Oh well. I really do wonder why they got
pulled. My sites I mean.
Lou from LymeNet told me about this archives pages where I found the
list of names- but I used to have pages of mine where I had scanned in
actual death certificates and stuff which I don't remember the urls of-
and the actual pages for each person- to access through archives you
have to remember each page url.
A shame-