Re: McSweegan very nervous, now reposting thru a new remailer

kachenjunga wrote:
kathleen I can't see that mcsweegan is one of the main culprits looks to me like it is higher ups.

If McSweegan was a part of any crime scheme, he must have been a lesser
figure. I can't concieve of him ordering David Dennis, Fauci, or anyone
else above his pay grade around. Or any MDs for that matter. McSweegan
didn't determine US health policy...he was part of a larger network
consisting of leading government health officials and powerful academic
clinical researchers {mostly} plus a few hangers on like fish, who I
think is far more likely to face some music.

Look what happened to McSweegan when he ran afoul of the forschners.
Can you imagine what would have happened to him if steere or barbour
got pissed off at him?

Think about it. The guy has a family.

LOOK at the Goldwater Letter. He is essentially suggesting the ALDF"

The whole cabal was his idea. I believe he is the fourth member of
the entrepreneurial trio of the ALDF.


McSweegan has stalked us for years, That's his job. He stalks all of
with great intensity. That's the reason he posts anonymously here, and
tries to get information about each one of us, to discredit each and
every one of us.

That is HIS JOB. Discredit everyone who has Lyme, because they know
what Lyme is, and they are scared shitless.

The Klempner Chronic Lyme study was a ruse. They were just after the
blood. And they are FURIOUS about the vaccine and testing scam coming
down and I am their Number One target, becuase I know so much about
the actual crime.

What took place in the labs.

Notice they never address the validity of my arguments, because they
can't. Notice that Karen was forst their target, because she has a kid
with congenital Lyme.

This is the number one thing they are worried about getting press.

Congenital Lyme and Lyme stillborns. They DO NOT WANT THIS

My kids have congenital Lyme and McSweegan has targetted me
since Day One.

Look closely at the data on my website about him before making a

He uses the typical Republican Party Swift Boating Techniques.

McSweegan is Pure Hatred and Evil. He harasses everyone. You'd
had to have watched him over the years, to really know what he is

He's the Executioner. The Assassin. The Destroyer of patients
and LLMDs. He attends all the conferences and rallies, taking
whether the victims know it or not.

He is stalking right here and now, reading every single thing I post,
and you, too. He is very afraid of being found out.

Lyme is a crime, and McSweegan is a very central player.
The purest form of evil. The promoter of lies.

McQuackwatch is all lies.

Satan is the Father of All Lies.

Know who you are dealing with. Give him no quarter.

He is now posting as "Chuck" and has bugged by phone. My phone
has been bugged for over 2 years. Probably closer to three.