Question for friend with chronic lyme disease

My friend has many of the lyme symptoms, including a rash, joints and
nerves that are acting up, unusual fatigue, and other common symptoms
on the lists, and was diagnosed with lyme a few years ago. She is
desperate, and doctors have done all the official tests and put her on
various short-term antibiotic therapies listed on the lyme websites
with no real improvement. When she questions them, they seem to know
even less than what I printed off for her from web searches a couple of
years ago.

Is there something very current written about lyme, and also is there a
place where she can learn about local lyme specialists without giving
out her private information to strangers--and having one contact her
out of the blue? Our local lyme support organization won't help her
beyond having a doctor contact her (she wants to get some solid
referrals). She lives near Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.