ON THE TOPIC OF THIS NEWSGROUP ITSELF, POSTED IN 1999: "It is one thing when a person posts his opinions. It is another when he posts insulting comments with foul language in order to disrupt the newsgroup. My personal opinion --this poster has many anons. and is posting messages to disrupt the newsgroup. I believe the people that have posted his profile know exactly who this person is and his history of posting on the newsgroup. I -pure speculation- believe this poster works for us-the taxpayers- and is payed with taxpayer dollars. This is a very civil newsgroup. It becomes apparent to the longtime readers of the newsgroup when someone posts in order to disrupt the exchange of information on the newsgroup. This is exactly what the anonymous poster is doing. He has a habit of using various aliases."

Chuck Hearts Foley wrote:

McSweegan= Anonymous internet harassment for 7+ years.

Same person.

You taxpayers pay for this: