OT- According to her murderer's confession, Cary Ann Medlin's last words to him were: "JESUS LOVES YOU."

Cary Ann was an average 8 year old little girl. Brown hair framed her
sweet face, and big brown eyes enhanced her constant, glowing smile.
This darling won the hearts of any who crossed her path with her soft-
spoken ways and zest for life. Cary attended Sunday School at the
First Baptist Church in Greenfield, Tennessee. She learned at an
early age about the love of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Her favorite color was pink. She loved country music, and often
pranced around the house singing, "Turn Your Radio On". She loved to
swim and ride her bike. She took ballet and wore her pink tutu in her
first recital. Her favorite cartoon was "The Pink Panther" and she
had a huge stuffed Pink Panther on her bed. She loved being
barefooted and hated shoes! She sucked her thumb until she was almost
2 years old. She was a carefree little girl that loved life, and
lived it with passion. She couldn't understand why people sometimes
lied. Cary loved everyone she ever met and lent a hand anywhere she
could...even to a total stranger....

On September 1, 1979, Cary and her step-brother were riding bikes in
the neighborhood. A friendly man in an old car pulled up beside her.
He seemed to know her father and he persuaded Cary to show him where
she lived.
She parked her bike in front of a nearby church and climbed into the
car. That was the last time Cary was seen alive.
As soon as Cary was reported missing, the entire community went into
action. Scores of volunteers combed the nearby areas searching for
her and the suspect vehicle. The next day, the family's worst fears
were confirmed when Cary's body was found at the end of a field road
on the outskirts of town. Soon after, a family member of Robert Glen
Coe reported suspicions of him to the police. He was consequently
arrested and charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of Cary
Most of the confession was a nightmare for the family. There was,
however, one part of the Coe's testimony that stood out. It was that
something that told Cary's loved ones that the Lord had taken care of
her, even to the end. Just prior to ending the misery of this poor
defenseless angel, Coe said she looked up at him with trusting eyes
and said, "Jesus loves you." Even Coe choked back tears telling this
part of his confession.

Coe was brought to trial and found guilty in 1981. He was sentenced to
two life sentences for the kidnapping and rape. He was given the
death penalty for murder.
For 21 years this case languished through the judicial system. To the
family's horror it landed on the desk of Judge John Nixon in the
Middle District of the Federal Courts in Tennessee. Judge Nixon had a
reputation of overturning death sentences. He did not disappoint.
Cary's mom, Charlotte Stout, went to Washington, D.C. and testified
about Judge Nixon's actions to the Subcommittee for Courts and
Intellectual Properties (a subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee) in
1997. (see link)
Judge Nixon was not impeached, however he semi-retired in 1997. He
still receives his full salary and still hears a 60% case load. To
our knowledge, he has not received another capital punishment case.
After 21 years of trial and appeals, Robert Glen Coe was executed on
April 19, 2000. It was the first execution in the State of Tennessee
in 40 years and the first lethal injection, ever. Cary's family
watched the execution from an adjoining room. Much to their sadness,
Coe did not apologize before his death.
Finally, 6 months before what would have been her 30th birthday, Cary
rested in peace.