Kathleen M. Dickson is a mentally ill ex-con

Featured in Court & Police
The New London Day
Published on 5/8/2004
Kathleen Dickson, 46, of 23 Garden St., Pawcatuck, was charged
Thursday with being a fugitive from justice.
Featured in Court & Police
The New London Day
Published on 5/9/2004
Kathleen Dickson, 45, of 23 Garden St., Pawcatuck, was charged Friday
with second-degree harassment and threatening.
"...locked in the Whiting Forensic Hospital for 8 months..."
Lyme Disease Activist Told To Stop
Judge Offers To Let Charges Drop
Courant Staff Writer
Page B3
October 5 2005
NEW BRITAIN -- A 47-year-old woman accused of threatening an
assistant attorney general may have harassment charges against her
dropped if she stops barraging state officials with information about
Lyme disease.
Superior Court Judge Patrick Clifford said Tuesday that Kathleen
Dickson's criminal case will end if she discontinues a massive e-mail
and fax campaign detailing her complaints about the scientific
community's approach to fighting Lyme disease.
"I'm willing to let my activist friends take over," Dickson said.
In 2003, the Department of Children and Families removed Dickson's
children from her custody because the department contended that she
was spending so much time campaigning for changes in Lyme disease
care that she neglected their needs, Dickson said. Dickson and her
children have Lyme disease.
Dickson went to court to regain custody, but Assistant Attorney
General Jessica Gauvin successfully argued that the children should
be in the custody of Dickson's ex-husband.
Dickson was arrested in 2004 after allegedly deluging Gauvin with
insulting and threatening e-mails. She was charged with two counts of
second-degree harassment and one count of second-degree threatening
and was granted accelerated rehabilitation*, a special form of
Gauvin told police that she had received approximately 600 e-mails,
one of which said, "IF ANY HARM comes to my children, Jessica Gauvin
could get the death penalty and I will never let up. ..."
Dickson is also accused of mailing Gauvin a package of information
that included a map with directions to Gauvin's home, according to an
arrest affidavit.
Dickson claimed Gauvin lied during the custody hearing and lied to
police about the e-mails.
One of the conditions of Dickson's probation was that she was to show
her probation officer any e-mails or faxes to state agencies before
she sent them out. But she violated that condition by faxing hundreds
of pages on Lyme disease to the chief state's attorney's office and
the attorney general's office, Deputy Assistant State's Attorney
Brett Salafia said.
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I doubt I have ever heard such a blatant lie. The previous poster,
Kathleen M. Dickson WAS committed, and for good reason. She has no
house and no assets, and didn't at the time of her committment. No one
has broken the law but her, and no one committed perjury but her.
Nothing is as simple as this idiot would have you believe. DCF did
have a case, her kids were removed, and she now has NO contact with
them (thank goodness). She might have mental illness, but her kids
have no Lyme, and are doing fine now without her. No person or Yale
sacrificed her kids, but her. She should be ashamed of how she
continues to seek sympathy for her miserable actions at every
Posted by: Sig Hansen | May 8, 2006 5:46:25 PM
This Kathleen M. Dickson is about as loopy as you can get. Go to
google groups and search her. She has YEARS of posting various
conspiracies (all with her at the center of course), ranging from CIA,
FBI, Jews, State of Connecticut, various postal workers, and members
of the Elk's lodge. Her latest thing is supporting Hugo Chavez
It would all be pretty funny if it wasn't for the fact that she's
messed up her kids with dragging them into years of this insanity.
Posted by: Mark Zimmerman | Sep 21, 2006 11:17:07 PM
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Date: 2000-11-19 02:30:18 PST
.....I was psychotic 20 years ago.
Date: 2000-11-22 02:47:38 PST
I can't watch TV. The images make me too emotionally all over the
place, but books you can take at your own pace. 'Works for me to have
my head focused on a deliberate reading project. Otherwise I am so
scattered I chase my tail all day long. It's really kinda funny how
spin around and pick up things and go off onto something else. Also,
loud music drowns out some of the [c]onfusion. I hate the meds, but
at least I'm somewhat more deliberate about each task. I went off
now I am back to being a spastic electron getting out of orbit and
nothing done. So, I may have to trade back my free-floating autonomy
to be more grounded.
Date: 2000-11-26 16:45:06 PST
I was doing fine until I sorta lost it this summer. Then I
remembered all the crap that happened when I was a kid and I started
having Sz
signs. Then I found out I had been taking atipsychotics before. Then
I realized I was psychotic before. THAT was like a kick in the
Date: 2000-11-26 16:45:06 PST
I just have my Lyme people and we are having a war right now. So,
even people like me get to be players. I'm harmless. Just really
immature and naive.
Date: 2000-11-23 19:56:44 PST
...think my house needs to be wrapped in tin foil. Like, it's a big
satellite dish. I wish it would stop collecting all these noises and
conversations from umpteen miles away. I hear sounds that I think are
coming from far away and are somehow amplified by how my house is
located. I think the terrain does something to the sound waves. I
know that sounds totally PsYcHiAtRiC, but there's no way for me to
tell if this is happening or not. Often I hear the sounds like of a
ship's steam room. But it sounds far away. So, I wander around the
house, wondering what the hell is running in the house that is making
a motor sound (this is really true). But I have never heard anyone
talking to *me* that was a hallucination; real auditory, although
I've heard the TV going or radio going in the house when they