Re: Bg, Vitamin C, insulin - is this on the level?

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Date: 09/29/04

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 01:45:13 +1000

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> I don't place too much value in the source you mention, after looking at
> several of his pieces. There are several flaws in fact and logic in what
> he says, as his notion and the problems revolve around the role of vitamin
> c in disease look at:
> This is the Pauling institute which does research on nutrition and
> reflects the concensus on the current knowledge about vitamen c.

Hi there Mark,

That's a nice link, with a good summary of the overall benefits of having a
good Vit C intake.

However, they did NOT really go into any of the adverse affects at any
length, but seemed to me to tend to be rather dismissive of the possibility.
Nor did they mention the advisability of including rutin along with the Vit
C supps, although they admitted that the accompanying nutrients found in
fruit and vegetables may be responsible for some of the beneficial effects
found in some studies.

While not supporting any particular position, I did find this other article
(below) particularly relevant to my own health status. Sometimes it's hard
to know just what IS the best option regarding the amount of daily intakes
of Vit C, and whether supps are as safe as the normal dietary food sources .
Prolonged Vitamin C Exacerbates Osteoarthritis in Animal Model

Dr Kraus seems to have a much more conservative approach to the amount of
Vit C that is suitable for maintaining good health.