Re: I'm confused about coconut oil.

jac wrote:
I'm trying to get some information on the benefits or hazzards of using
coconut as a dietery supplement but I keep getting lost in the medical
terminology. says:
"Coconut oil: A cure for thyroid disease?
Is it true that coconut oil can help normalize thyroid function?
No name/ No state given

The misconception that coconut oil can cure underactive thyroid
(hypothyroidism) arose after publication of a book several years ago
touting the beneficial effects of coconut oil for people with thyroid
disease. However, there is no evidence that coconut oil stimulates
thyroid function. In fact, some research suggests that coconut oil may
have a negative impact on the thyroid.

If you have signs or symptoms of thyroid disease, consult your doctor.
He or she can test you for thyroid disease and, if necessary, recommend
appropriate treatment."