Re: How to combine low fat, low sugar, low simple carbohydrates, low oxalate, low purine dietary recommendations. Food shopping. Portions preparations.

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Nor do I think that energy density has much to do with how many
calories are consumed in a day.

So you would be a follower of Chung's 2 lb diet then?
Energy density hasn't much to do with it, so 2 lbs per day will lose
you weight?

No. The reason I don't like the nutrition arguments being based on density
is because I don't think weight has much to do with anything (except having
a positive correlation with volume). So I certainly don't think a diet based
on weight makes any sense.

That's fine.
I have not seen any deviation much from a specific gravity of 1 for
foods as eaten, and so for me, weight and volume are interchangeable,
and for me, stomach fullness is an important signal for satiety, so I
will continue to regard trying to aim for low energy dense foods as a
valuable adjunct to good healthy nutrition. jack

So "a (macerated) pint's a pound the world around," huh?

Nope, only if your pint is 16 fluid ounces. Ours is 20. And we have
graduated to metrics :=)

But yes, a kg is roughly a litre (for all practical dietary purposes)

I have to say I don't know. I've never looked inside and measured.

But, you know, it may be that volume of the stuff in the stomach isn't the
whole story in terms of how much we eat. You think?

Which is why I said it was one of the main signals of satiety. Another
one being glucose levels. jack