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Army surgeon general forced out amid Walter Reed scandal
March 12, 2007
Washington, D.C. - Fallout from the scandal involving conditions at
Walter Reed Medical Center continued Monday, with what one senior
Pentagon official said was the firing of Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley from his
position as surgeon general of the Army.

Acting Army Secretary Pete Geren asked for Kiley's resignation, and
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates approved the action, the official
said. But Kiley instead announced his immediate retirement.

"I submitted my retirement because I think it is in the best interest
of the Army," Kiley said Sunday, according to the Army's news release.

Kiley had been made temporary head of the army's premiere medical
institution after Army Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman was ousted in the
wake of a series in the Washington Post that found soldiers living in
deplorable conditions.

However, he was very quickly replaced by Gen. Eric Schoomaker amid
criticism that Kiley, who was head of Walter Reed before Weightman,
had been aware of the problems at the facility.


Shouldn't the Comander in Chief bear some responsibility?


Of course not. George Bush is the best President this country has ever seen.

Really? Hilarious. In 200 years, the US has never had a better person
in that office? That explains a whole lot.

We are fighting an extremely important and just battle in Iraq. While the

Why is it important to be fighting in Iraq? Most of the terrorists
that have attacked the US are Saudis funded by Saudis once based in

events concerning Walter Reed are unfortunate, it is irresponsible to blame
the President. He has other things to worry about than the men and women who

Is he or is he not the Commander in Chief of the American armed

are doing the actual fighting.

BTW, it is Major General Gale Pollock replaced Lt. Gen. Kiley. as Surgeon
General of the Army. Gen. Eric Schoomaker is the head of Walter Reed
Hospital (it wasn't quite clear who Schoomaker replaced).

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Don't they take orders from their commanders who eventually take
orders from the Commander in Chief? At what point and to what degree
do we hold the Commander in Chief responsible for the actions of their
underlings under orders from up high? He said that soldiers must be
afforded respect and support. Are crippled and injured soldiers no
longer soldiers, or no longer heroes, to be abused and denied health

Do we blame Bush's underlings or Bush?