Low Acid Fruit Juices

Hi everyone,

Can someone please tell me where to get a list of "low acid fruit juices"
that can be purchased in the average grocery store without costing an arm
and a leg. I am not talking about the "acid forming" stuff or the "basic
forming" stuff which pertains to the alkaline diets. I just want the fruit
juices that are not so acidic as you drink them, ie they have a higher pH
(not how they end up after they are metabolized - ie grapefruit juice is
very acidic but is classified as highly alkaline forming, but you would have
to be a fool to drink it if you had ulcers, erosions or gastritis.

I googled "low acid fruit juices" and couldn't find much. Is apple and
grape juice about the only thing (and they are both pretty acidic also as
far as I am concerned). Carrot juice costs about two dollars for a 12 ounce
can so forget that.

I love tomato juice and V-8 juice but stay away from them (I would think the
V-8 would be less acidic and better for you - do you agree). I basically
just drink water, and even quit by beer (damn it). My PPI's don't work, or
hardly work anymore - have tried them all and been on them for 10 years and
have fundic polyps because of them (long story with my GI problems - no need
to mention lap nissen fundo, as I have problems below the LES also).

Anyway I would appreciate any kind of list of moderately acidic fruit juices
or any kind of drink other than water that is not very acidic. I am not
interested in any of the sugar free drinks with aspartame or sucralose. I
am sick of drinking water. I do drink naturally caffeine free red tea which
is the safest, and has no oxalic acid or tannins in it. I just want
something to take my pills and supplements with other than water.



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