Re: Low Fat Diet - The w ay To Your Long Life

Pramesh Rutaji wrote:

Full of low fat bullshit.

shirleylai929@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Understanding what is low diet is very important in your daily life.
Low diet means control the fat intake in your diet.

If you cut your fat intake completely, you will lack in at least one
of the essential nutrients. Becuse there are six basic necessities
essential for normal health in food, proteins, carbohydrates, fats
(which are also manufactured by the body), vitamins, minerals, and

People's daily intake are low in essential nutriments, minerals and
other vital requirements, but too rich in fat as well as calories,
refined sugars, starches, and oils in western counties.

Trans fats and veggie fats are a significant cause of disease states from western diets.

The excessive intake of fats leads to the shortening of life,
premature death by heart attacks and strokes, obesity, and numerous
crippling illnesses.

Bullshit. Intake of any trans-fats and veggie fats are the negative factors for fats. In areas of the world were saturated fats like coconut oil are the mainstay, obesity, heart attacks,and strokes are low.

The exact relationship between the amount of fat you eat and the
production of cholesterol in your body is still a very complex
question. The cholesterol found in the blood is made largely in the
liver from fats in the diet. It is also produced in the arterial walls
themselves. But the main source and the one that we can to a great
extent control is fat in our food.

The key to effective fat control is cutting down on the dangerous fats
and increasing your intake of the good fat. The healthy fats such as
polyunsaturated and Omega-3 that are abundant in foods like fish,
olive oil, and avocados.

Both men and women who achieved a large weight loss of about 20 pounds
on the low-fat diet, were estimated to have a life expectancy of
double that of people on a regular diet.

Now, thats worse than bullshit. At least, bullshit is good for something.

People on a low-fat or fat-free diet it is most certainly known now
are virtually free from heart attacks and strokes, which are so common
among people on a fat diet.

More bullshit. Low fat decreases LDL particle size, a very bad thing.

Concluding what and what not to eat is the correct knowledge of low
diet. Eating the correct foods and on no circumstances should you

Lowering your cholesterol with a low fat diet is the way to go for

This results in a large lowering of HDL, the cardioprotective kind.

more energy, tighter muscles, firmer body and less bulk mass. A
healthy low diet will not give you energy loss, but if you are
overweight it will reduce your fat giving you lower cholesterol and
making you feel much better in yourself.

People lower fat by increasing carbs. In the past decade, the mantra on low fat has resulted in the obesity epidemic. Higher carbs increases insulin and results in more cells taking in circulating glucose. Fats don't have that effect.

Very good points Pramesh!

The article

Stop Recommending Low-Fat Diets!

by Harvard's professor of Nutrition, Walter C Willett, MD, DrPH
is also appropriate reading in this context.

Matti Narkia