Plant sterols may promote CVD

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"Part of the research that BfR cited was published in the journal Atherosclerosis by Dr. Kelly of the University Eye Clinic in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Patients were divided into three groups where one group ate sterol-enriched margarine, another group consumed stanol-enriched margarine, and a third group consumed non-enriched margarine. After 85 weeks, patients with high campesterol concentrations were found to have increased retinal venular diameter, a change which some research shows is indicative of cardiovascular damage.
Other recent research published in the journal Cardiovascular Research also shows that sterol-fed mice had an increase in pro-atherogenic immune cells (a monocyte subpopulation), and higher increased vascular superoxide and lipid hydroperoxide production. Mice that had either sterols or stanols had an impaired ability to relax their blood vessels. All these changes are extremely toxic to the cardiovascular system."

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