Re: Cipro and teeth? and other general questions

I was put on Cipro for a prostrate/bladder infection and after about one
week ALL my teeth became very sensitive. It hurts like hell to
eat/brush/breathe. I suppose it could be a coincidence, but I thought
Cipro could cause nerve issues?

====> cipro is a powerful broad spectrum antibiotic. i don't know of
any nerve issues, but check out the sites on cipro side effects. that
will give you the answer.


Also the latest bout occurred after one of those two hour Glucose tests.
They take some blood, have you drink some sugared syrup, wait two hours
and take some more blood. Later that night I had excruciating back pain,
pain/swelling under the scrotum, pain in the lower abdomen and sweating
in the lower back. By the next day the pain was gone and my back felt
better than it has in weeks. I've read that sugar can cause some
people's Prostate issues to flare up so I was wondering if the GTT might
have been the cause. The ongoing back pain has returned and I'm still
getting pressure under the scrotum even on the Cipro, although the
peeing is better. Had a shitload of blood tests for fatigue a while
back, but all were negative. Going for PSA and Urinalysis after the
Cipro finishes.
Will IC or Prostratitis cause fatigue and muscle stiffness/pain? It
feels like I'm fighting an ongoing infection, but all blood tests are

====> prostatitis will cause fatigue and pelvic pain so severe that one
can not work if it requires much sitting. of course, you can fill in
the muscle pain part if you accept the first statement.

prostatitis has many different symptoms and doesn't affect each person
the same. the cause for prostatitis is just as vague, which is why a
lot men can't get the answer they seek.

research and study the physical make up of the prostate itself. you
will see that it is hard to get medicine to the the affected areas.
that is why you were put on cipro. they are trying to use urine as the
method of getting to the source of your prostate problem.

hope this information helps,

~ curtis

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"Many more men die with prostate cancer than of it. Growing old is
invariably fatal. Prostate cancer is only sometimes so."