crater-willy syndrome

From: kathycarp (
Date: 12/08/04

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 19:54:42 -0800

How odd... I just typed this as a "new post" and put in the subject line
"word help" - and instead of making a new entry it tagged it onto a
2-month-old subject line of "word help". I have wondered in the past why
someone tags onto such an old post when asking for word help, instead of
starting a new post... Now I know! They did try to make a new post, but
some"thing" hijacked it onto an old subject line. Now I won't put "word
help" in a subject line again...
Anyway.... anyone ever heard of this syndrome? or one that sounds like that?

s/l crater-willy syndrome.

This girl had "crater willy" syndrome, with weight up to 250 pounds, now
weighs 115, and wants a mammoplasty. I've been googling, but can't find