Re: Where'd Valerie go?

What? I don't believe I deny I"m running a business. I am, albeit a very small one (which is the way I want it) though I have often heard insinuations it really isn't as much as someone who has employees, subs, etc. When I started working at home it was never my intention to work full time at all, so I really exceeded my intentions at some points.

I was merely agreeing with Melinda it that it was stunning to hear you finally start to dis the AAMT after supporting them no matter what for years. I've met plenty of great people here on line. In fact, that's where all my work has come from over the past number of years. I found the local chapter (with notable exceptions) to be rather snooty. You may recall when I did go to a symposium and take a stand on something, the professional president of the chapter came here and tore me apart. LOL. Not my kind of people at all. Too many of them are too worried someone is going to steal their clients, etc., instead of sharing information, etc.

Gisele wrote:
Just saw the truth early on is all!

And you missed out on the chance to get to know some great people.  You
would have learned a thing or two about how to run a business, only you
so often deny that you ARE running a business.  It's tacky and
low-class to laugh at the efforts of others, but I guess we all need a
hobby, right?