Re: OT- Gas jumped .29 here, how abo ut yours?

RaeMorrill <RaeMorrill@xxxxxxx> wrote here for all to

> LOL. Glad someone else agreed. The parents who drive their kids
> themselves will pay more so....

Well, I agree with you - they should very well charge the kids to ride the
bus. I am not being rude at all but there is no possible way to plan for
this much of an increase in gas costs in your yearly budget, which is how
they figure your taxes. Our school systems here are already stating how
they won't have budget for gas to get them past Christmas and schools run
until the end of May/first of June. Our Mosquito Abatement program ran out
of "gas money" last year but it was because we had so many storms and water
was just EVERYWHERE. Every time they'd spray, another hurricane would miss
us just enough to give us torrential downpours, wash all the spray away and
cause more standing pools of water.