Blame Syndrome

My husband sent me this. I'm in absolute agreement with him. You can agree
or disagree with what he wrote. Posting this will be my last word on the

There's a sickness in our society that I call the victim and blame syndrome.
It's where we refuse to take responsibility for our own actions and blame
others. We're the victim. It's like alcoholism in as much as the inflicted
don't know or refuse to believe they are inflicted.

This isn't something new. It's been around for a long time. H.G. Wells
tells about it in his novel "The Time Machine". In his case it was
socialism but it was really the same thing. Responsibility was slowly
shifted over time from the individual to an outside entity. What resulted
was a civilization called the Eloi that had absolutely no responsibility.
The responsibility lied with the Morlocks. The Morlocks provided everything
and when the Eloi were victimized the Morlocks were to blame.

This isn't far from the truth. It's becoming far to common to hear "It's
not my fault" or "It's his/her fault". I'm not saying that it's never the
other person's fault but quite frequently it's not. Let's look at a couple
of examples:

A person tapes $100 bills to his mailbox and leaves them unsupervised. They
get stolen. Where does the fault lie in the loss. If you say "with the
person that stole them" you would be wrong. True, the person that stole
them would be guilty of theft but the responsibility for the loss would be
with the person that taped them to the mailbox. Why is this so? The answer
lies in the expectations of a reasonable person. A reasonable person would
at least suspect that they could be stolen and in this case would probably
expect that they would be stolen. A reasonable person would expect a thief
to take them. Given these expectations the fault lies with the person
taping the $100 bills. Why would you leave them where you expect them to be

A woman leaves her purse open in a grocery basket and walks away to do
something. The wallet is clearly visible. The wallet is stolen. The
person that stole the wallet is guilty of theft but the woman is responsible
for her loss even though she is the victim. Let's face it. We see theft
happening every day. The reasonable person would expect there was a good
possibility that the wallet would be stolen.

We as a society have to realize that we have a responsibility to ourselves
and to society, not the other way around. What's so hard about securing
yourself and your possessions? It's really simple, folks. Don't put
yourself in a position to be victimized. If you do you will surely become a
victim. If you do, who's responsible? You are! If you do what you can to
avoid being victimized and you still are then you are indeed a victim but I
think you'll find that they are the exception rather than the norm.