Re: Swimming Pool Liability Release Forms?

Your homeowners should cover you, providing you are not charging people to
use the pool, or giving lessons.

I use my pool to teach SCUBA, and I have a separate liability policy through
my teaching organization (PADI) and of course all students must sign a
release which PADI's attorneys have written and furnish us. But.....and
this is a big but! A release does NOT protect you if there is negligence
involved, (such as not having a locked gate or a fence in ill repair). With
my SCUBA liability, my insurance will not cover me if I do not follow PADI
"standards" which forbid me to leave anyone in the pool on SCUBA gear
unsupervised by either an instructor, assistant instructor, or divemaster
(which my husband is). They also require that I maintain meticulous written
records indicating that I am following "standards."

I did teach a class of children/parents and made up my own liability form
using the SCUBA one as a guideline, and making a strong statement about the
possible risks involved and acknowledged that the parents understood them.
I also repeated these risks verbally, with precautions, on the first day of
class--yet some parents ignored them! We do not have a fence around our
pool, but we do have fenced property, which covers the law, but we are
working on the fence, growing a natural one (you don't get through or climb
over a bougainvillea hedge or beach plum hedge). It just takes time to grow
it all! We have allowed neighbor children in the pool, but they must either
have a parent present, or my husband and I must be out there, and we have
required a simple signed statement (by parents) to that effect and that they
use the pool at their own risk. Such a simple form should indicate you are
not being negligent, and help if a claim should ever be made on your
Homeowners Policy. Sandi could probably give some information, and the laws
definitely may vary from state to state.

Barb C.

"Karen C." <karenscribes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Does anyone know about liability release forms? Are they valid? If so,
where would one get them?

Mom has two of her grown children AND their families living at her home,
which has a swimming pool in the back yard. They don't seem to think a
thing about having anybody and everybody over for a swim. I keep telling
Mom she'd better nip practice in the bud, pronto. She's afraid to say
anything to my siblings and their families and friends, but she's also
afraid of someone getting hurt and getting sued and losing her home too.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Karen C.