How Painful! Centura Health cutting up to 95 transcribers systemwide

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Jun 23, 2007

IAMR plans MT industry meet in Kolkata

Focus Infosys: Medical transcription training manager

# of positions: One

Location: Not fixed as of now but any grade B or C city (for
example, Mangalore, Mysore, Pune, etc.) Candidate will have the
privilege to decide the city name.

1. Should be formally trained in medical transcription.
2. Should be very fluent in English writing, reading, and
3. Should be proactive and outgoing.
4. Should be willing to relocate to a city where this project
would be started (the candidate can select a city of his/her
confidence too).
5. A minimum of 5 years experience in the MT industry.
6. Should have prior experience in MT training division.

Roles and responsibilities:
1. Shall propose a city where Focus can start an MT training center
along with production center. However, production center shall be
taken care by a separate production manager.
2. Shall interview and select a team of MT trainers to assist
him/her in this project.
3. Shall be responsible to prepare the entire syllabi and materials
needed for MT training.
4. Shall be responsible to release advertisements, conduct
seminars, etc., in the proposed city to attract MT trainees to join
our MT program.
5. Shall conduct a 25 x 2 batches of MT training for 4 months of
theory + 2 months of OJT training and then hand over the MT
personnel to the production manager upon testing and approval by
the production manager.
6. Shall be responsible to train 50 people every 4 + 2 months to be
released to the production center.
7. Shall be reporting to the COO.

Rs. 30K + Rs. 500 for each candidate who is successfully accepted
to the OJT program on testing by the OJT trainers + mobile phone +
mediclaim insurance.

To apply, E-mail your resume recruit@xxxxxxxxxxx with subject line
as MT training manager.
WORLDTECH congratulates the team at the Kolkata Center of
Excellence on completing their first year of quality operations.

INTERVIEWS at Hyderabad and Kolkata for senior proofreading
positions with WORLDTECH.

Only those with more than three years of experience and exposure to
final level proofreading need apply. Compensation linked to merit
and performance alone.

Apply in confidence with details:
Jyothi at Worldtech
MGR Estates, Saibaba Temple Road, Punjagutta, Hyderabad 500082.
Tel # 040-2335-2700/2698 or mail your resumes to:
DOCTUS thanks its patrons, congratulates the first batch of the DMT
program for successful completion and placement, and announces
registrations for DMT004.

DOCTUS trains Medical Transcriptionists. Also offered are allied
and innovative programs that allow you to train while you work,
evening programs for senior levels, and preparatory programs.

We are looking for Hyderabad based educators in the field of
Medical Transcription to train MTs at entry, middle, and senior
levels for full time positions as DOCTUS faculty, Medical, English,
and Technical Coordination. Trainers with more than two years of
training experience and senior MTs with a desire to become trainers
may apply. Proficiency at accurate transcription preferred.

TMT001 (extended program for non English medium candidates)
commences June 15, 2007. Registrations close June 10.

DMT004 (four month full time MT Program) commences August 1, 2007.
Registrations open June 11. Limited seats.

Contact for details regarding DPR (Proofreaders Program) and EMT
(Evening Programs).

Email your resume/details to contactus@xxxxxxxxxxxx
OR call 04066787771/04040144979 and speak with Chauhan/Beena.

Dear Friends,

Ramakrishna Tummala, President IAMR and MD Worldtech will be
meeting with industry majors at Kolkata on Sunday, June 24. He
will be in Kolkata along with his team to commemorate the 1st
anniversary of the Worldtech Center of Excellence. Mr. Tummala has
been a pioneer in the efforts to get the Indian MT industry to grow
in dialog. He formalized his efforts with the industry in
Hyderabad at a meeting in July 2002 where Dr. Amit Chatterjee, SM
of MTIndia came and shared his understanding of the need for such a
forum at local, national and international levels. IAMR was formed
with 20 leading companies. Raghu Vasu of Transdyne, Ravi Chandran
and Srinivas Manne of ElicoBPO, Subhorup Dasgupta of Worldtech,
Venkateswar Rao of Vasavi Prosoft, along with the principals of
VasantScribe, CKAR, and other leaders took IAMR forward to become
an effective and formal networking platform for the industry.

IAMR activities have included training in HIPAA compliance, career
destination seminars by Peter Preziosi, AAMT, sharing best HR
practices, sharing best training practices, evolving uniform
recruitment and recognition systems, sharing vendor data and other
relevant data, sharing technology, workshops on yoga, art of
living, personality development and ergonomics, workshops for
senior and middle management, cultural events & sports events,
seminar on hedging foreign exchange risk by Nagesh Pydah of Bank of

In a telephonic interview, Mr. Ramakrishna said that the two
challenges that the Indian MT Industry faces is lack of uniform
standards and availability of trained manpower.

"The danger of poor or erratic quality of service provided is one
that would adversely affect the whole industry, most so the leading
players who invest heavily in implementation of quality policies
and processes. The industry has only recently been able to shake
off its image as a low cost but high risk (in terms of accuracy of
transcripts and security of data) offshoring destination and we
need to do all we can to prevent the India MT brand from being
tarnished." he said.

"Uniform training, certification and compensation coupled with good
HR practices are keys to successful retention. The two words every
CEO dreads are attrition and poaching. The only way out is to
increase the quality of entry level MTs and to invest in training
and retraining. In the context of a 40-rupee dollar,
non-sustainable costs need to be addressed urgently in order for
of us to survive and profit. Career aspirations and earnings need
to be judiciously matched to create a win-win situation for the
business as well as the workers."

For more on IAMR, see:


Dr Amit Chatterjee, SM
Strategist / Founder ~ mailto:amit@xxxxxxxxxxx
MT India ~
"The Community of MT Professionals"

"It takes years to become an overnight success! Inch by inch, it's
a cinch."

1) Centura Health cutting up to 95 transcribers systemwide

Centura Health, which manages Penrose-St. Francis Health Services'
two hospitals and 17 other health care facilities in Colorado, is
eliminating 90 to 95 medical transcriptionists systemwide,
officials said this week.

The jobs are being outsourced to MedQuist, a transcription service
based in Mount Laurel, N.J., said Mike Scialdone, chief financial
officer at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.

Eighteen employees at Penrose-St. Francis will be affected, along
with transcriptionists working at Porter, Littleton, Parker and
Avista Adventist hospitals and St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in

Employees are being offered jobs with MedQuist and can roll over
their tenure, Scialdone said, but employee Gail Loyd said she is
concerned that her pay and benefit package will be trimmed.

"They will lose some good transcriptionists," said Loyd, who has
worked for Centura for nearly a decade. "They believe that they
negotiated me a comparable job - but they didn't."

The move will save Centura Health $1 million annually, he said,
citing advancing medical technology and a lack of qualified medical
transcriptionists as reasons for the decision.

There's a shortage of workers in medical transcription. They earn a
mean hourly wage of $14.74, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor

2) Hospital closing its transcription department for outsourcing

A lot has changed since 1963 when Pamela Denny joined the former
Nashua Memorial Hospital, now Southern New Hampshire Medical
Center, as its first medical transcriptionist. In the 1960s,
doctors dictated their notes into bulky tape recorders and
transcriptionists typed the information using manual typewriters.

Eventually, the electric typewriter replaced the manual one,
allowing the transcriptionist to type more quickly and with fewer
errors. In time, the computer came along, making the typewriter

Now, at the dawn of voice-recognition technology, the entire
process depends on increasingly advanced equipment that allows
transcriptionists to do more work at a faster pace.

As a result, the job Denny has done with pride and love for almost
30 years will be eliminated this week when Southern New Hampshire
Medical Center closes it transcription department.The hospital,
which for years has sent out a large portion of its transcription,
has made arrangements to outsource the work to a national service.
Two of the nine employees in the department will remain at the
hospital to oversee the new operation.

Denny isn't one of them.

"I have so loved it there and so loved the people I worked with,"
Denny said, speculating that her job was cut to save the hospital
money. But hospital officials said the decision was based on the
growing volume of transcription and the need for a quicker

3) $8m for new medical transcription project

Barbados Govt to invest $8 million for free training in a new and
rapidly expanding sector over the next three years.

Come September 3, the first 100 trainees for the registered medical
transcriptionist (RMT) certification will begin their nine-month
programme. The project is a joint venture between the Barbados
Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), Invest Barbados and
the North Carolina-based Transcription Relief Services (TRS).

BIDC chief executive officer Anthony Sobers told seminar
participants:"This is a growing sector and shows immense prospects
for Barbados. We expect that in the next three to five years we can
develop an industry with at least 500 persons, providing employment
for that number of persons and providing revenues of around $30
million in foreign exchange," he added.

Minister of Economic Affairs and Development, the Honourable Mia
Mottley, stated that according to statistics coming out of the US,
this area of employment provides a higher average pay than other
data services. She also made the point that the information they
have received shows that rates average around 16 cents per line,
which can translate into a monthly salary of approximately Bds

Kathy Rockel, Vice-President of the US based TRS Institute, which
provides medical transcription training services, said even though
the sector was expanding rapidly, there was a serious shortage of
RMTs in the United States hence the reason for them looking to
outsource to countries such as India and thus Barbados was "a prime
place" to fill the void.

RMTs are already in place in Trinidad and Guyana.
Both the Minister and Sobers made reference to the fact that an
advertisement has been made for the post of a National Training
Co-ordinator to oversee the development of the training aspect of
the industry, and this post should be filled by July 1

4) Medical transcription co to train in Bhubaneswar

Vasant Scribes is set to provide training to the unemployed youth
of the State to join the field even as it has commenced commercial
operations from its Bhubaneswar facility at STPI here.

The company which, at present, has 35 medical transcriptionists
intends to expand the facility to over 300 within one and half

And the bulk of the staffers would be the youths who successfully
complete the training. Senior Manager Nageshwar Rao said Vasant
Scribes looked at Bhubaneswar as a centre with tremendous IT
potential and was willing to make the necessary investments to
complete its expansion plan.

But in a stark departure from prevailing practices, the training
would not only be imparted free of cost but the trainees would also
be given a handsome stipend.

Eligibility would be Plus II pass, preferably with a science
background. Countering notions that Oriya youths do not have the
necessary skills, the company has said a large number of youths
from the State are employed in major transcription organisations in
the country and are doing exceedingly well.

In fact, Vasant has prepared a database of such youths and could be
luring them to its fold. Vasant Scribes, has a clientele base of
over 100 comprising doctors and hospitals spread across USA.

It has recently entered into a partnership with international
transcription major Medquist Inc. to provide services across the

Headquartered at Hyderabad, the company employs over 500 personnel
in the city.

5) Allied Information Technology Services and Business Processing
Solutions sign partnership agreement

In a move to further its expansion as an offshore medical services
supplier to the Unites States and Europe, Allied Information
Technology Services (AITS) signed a partnership agreement earlier
in the year with the American services provider Business Processing
Solutions (BPS).

Accordingly, AITS has become the exclusive service provider for
Cary, North Carolina-based BPS, thereby providing the company with
significant exposure in the American market.

Established to meet the growing need for medical transcription and
billing services, AITS is the first service provider in Egypt and
the Middle East to offer pioneering healthcare-oriented technology
services on a national and international scale. The company has
built a strong reputation for delivering advanced business process
outsourcing and electronic solutions for hospitals and medical
clinics, enabling healthcare providers to focus on their core

BPS focuses on providing high-value business process outsourcing
and technology solutions. In the partnership with AITS, BPS
provides business development, marketing, and client relations,
while outsourcing the medical transcription services to AITS in
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