Re: Internet Explorer problem

Aside from upgrading, I don't have any great suggestions for IE. I
second the motion for Firefox, though. It's user friendly in much the
same way IE is, only better and with fewer problems.


mountain <mountain.2wm2fq@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Have you tried to "expand" the sides of the title bar?

Position your mouse cursor at the very edge of the title bar page
(either left, right, up or down the page.

You will see an icon (like two arrows joined together but facing
opposite directions).

With the icon visible, hold down the left button of your mouse, and
stretch the screen. Repeat the "stretching" in the other three

If that won't help, then maybe you should update your IE browser to
the latest version 7.0 with service pack 2 for Windows XP.

If that doesn't work, then try Firefox which is better in many ways
than Microsuck.


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