Re: HBO, anyone?

Works for me -- Comcast here! Thanks, Chuck!


"Chuck Mattsen" <mattsen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Chuck Mattsen wrote:
Just a little, local, podunk (insert other diminutive adjectives here)
provider here in NW Minnesota (Arvig Communications). My assumption was
that many other providers would be offering the same or similar free
look-see at around the same time, as I thought they were offered by the
premium channels, rather than the services themselves. I may be wrong
about that.

I put
HBO Cinemax March 20 23
into Google ( and it appears that DirecTV and
Comcast (and possibly others) are offering the free look during the same
time period, so chances are good many will have access, anyway....

Chuck MATTSEN - Mahnomen, MN

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