Cuban vs. American Health Care

I thought the group might be interested in this since it was up for
discussion a while ago, and Michael Moore's movie.

A few weeks ago we had a patient in my ortho's office who was 3 days off the
boat from Cuba. Now, with the wet foot/dry foot law, that doesn't make him
"illegal". He made it to shore!

He had an arm broken in Cuba before he left. Came in with a prehistoric
cast that had been placed in a hospital in Cuba that weighed a ton. X-ray
showed a serious fracture and the arm had not been set properly, and he
needed surgery.

Of course he had no insurance, but my ortho informed him that he was
eligible for Medicaid and told him how to apply, said he did not do Medicaid
patients, but gave him the names of orthos who did. There was no emergency.

So much for, at least in this instance, the great health care in Cuba, and
our taxpayers dollars at work for someone other than us! Wonder what
Michael Moore would say about that?

I just thought the people in this group might be interested--this is not
hearsay as I wrote the notes on it myself.

Barb C.