Re: kegels can cure urinary retention?

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I'm a male suffering from both stress incontinence and urinary
retention. I've been doing kegels for over a month now with a
dramatic improvement, but what I want to ask is: Does this help
cure urinary retention? I haven't seen much of an improvement even
for a month now. Also I've given urine, blood, urinalysis, and
ultrasound tests -- all were normal. Does this have anything to do
with constipation, which I have it for a long time?

Khan...You should go to a urologist and rule out BPH (try the BPH
newsgroup also, and go back a couple or three months, and look for
some of Dr. Sancha's posts). How old are you. The TURP that Howard
mentioned (which is the old gold standard) is being rapidly overcome
by PVP, which is less invasive and has less recovery time.

If you live in a metro area in the U.S. then PVP should be
available. I have had both TUIP and TURP, and I have many uro
problems including chronic non bacterial prostatitis, and I can't
get into it. Good luck with your uro (you may want to go to a uro
that does PVP, and has done more than a hundred if possible - I
would check first). If you have BPH, and surgery is indicated, I
would recommend the PVP, if your insurance covers it. There is
oodles of information about PVP's in the BPH newsgroup.

Pete is correct - "TURP" is a less correct generic term and the state
of the art is PVP (green light laser vaporization). I don't know much
about it except that our urolgists are doing a bunch of 'em and the
results appear quite good. Classic TURP was kind of a problematic
operation that was less satisfactory. Then there was balloon
compression, microwave ablation, RF ablation. I seem to recall they
were using YAG lasers there for awhile too. PVP seems to have
addressed (so far) all of the problem with those other procedures.


Howard...Urology and BPH and prostatitis/urethritis/cystitis and CPPS are at
the top of my studies :-)