Re: Foam in the urine: is it really proteins??

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There is also some confusion as to the term of foam when not really
meaning foam. A foamy urine or a stormy urine or a smokey urine are
appearence terms that are not defined specificially. Smokey urine
appears like there's smoke. In the case of nephrotic syndrome mentioned
above with foamy urine and edema, a lipiduria exists and it's not
strickly just foam. I can show you a urine nephrotic urine after
letting it sit for hours and thus without foam and it will still look
"foamy". That's one reason why I wanted a reference on how that term
was being applied. Some times they actually mean foam and sometimes
they mean foamy appearing urine or stormy urine which doesn't mean
there is a storm over the urine.

Another possibility: sometimes people think "foam" means like the head
of a beer (well, maybe not that 'sudsy') but my personal observation has
been that that tends to happen during times of storm water run off or
snow melt, when local water treatment facilities add additional
colorants and detergents to the water supply (my local water district
sends out a helpful circular about "why does my water smell/taste
different?" which explains the change in level of additives, so that
part is not conjecture). These additives cause 'sudsiness' when just
about any liquid is poured into a bowl of water containing them.

Also anecdotally, but I am heavily nephrotic (10+grams/day), and while I
would use the non-professional terms "cloudy" "opaque" and
"greasy-looking" to decsribe what I micturate, "foamy" is not what would
naturally come to mind.

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