Average testosterone level

Hi guys !

I need your help. I'm 40 y.o. I've an erectile disfunction problem. It's not
yet clear if this is due to a cronic prostitis or other problems, even after
many exams.

In any case I've just done blood examinations. The only strange thing is my
testosterone level and my physician didn't know sufficiently about this
issue imho.

My testosterone lever is 3.00 ng/mL
The normal range (I read beside the paper) is from 3.00 to 9.00. Id est I've
the minimum. I've to repeat the examination in any case.

My question is this:
Ok, the normal range is between 3 to 9, bu what the AVERAGE level of men of
my age ??

Searching in google I found out this article and from the chart you see
almost at the bottom of the page it seems that the average value of 45 y.o
men was MORE than 500 in the nineties (now it is diminished but in any case
from that paper results I've the testosterone level of an octogenarian !!!
(speaking of average).

My physician didn't even know what the average levels are.

Do you know other resources where I can find the average testosterone level

Thanks very much !!