MRI Brain W/WO Contrast

I have just received this report from my Dr. He had me have a CT done
which showed abnormalties and followed up with this MRI. He wants me
to follow up with a Neurologist & has told me this isn't his area of
expertise and has left me with no answers until I can get in to see
the Neurologist. Could someone give me somewhat of an idea what I
could be facing. I had the scans done because of increasing migraines
and dizziness.

Findings: An MRI of the brain was performed before and after
contrast. The ventricles are normal size and positionl In the right
centrum semiovale there is a 9.9 mm are of increased T2 and FLAIR
signal which does not demonstrate enhancement. There is no evidence
of bleed, midline shift, mass-effect, or extra-axial fluid
collection. No are of restricted diffusion was identified. There is
no evidence of inflammatory change surrounding the petrous apices. A
small amout of fluid is seen in the right mastoid air cells. The V11/
V111 cranial nerve complexes appear grossly normal bilaterally. No
area of abnormal enhancement was identified.

1. Area of signal within the right centrum semiovale as described
above most consistent with an old infarct.
2. Small of fluid within the right mastoid air cells which may
represent acute or chronic mastoiditis.
3. Otherwise unremarkabel MRI exam of the brain
4. Followup imaging is recommened as clinically indicated.

I hope someone can give me an explanation. Thank-you