CANCER? Hell, It's Just TOO PROFITABLE to Cure

It's not true that cancer reseachers and cancer experts
have no heart.
They DO but, unfortunately, it's located a little too
close to their safe deposit box.
You see, "cancer specialists" and "cancer researchers"
really don't give a damn if you live or die. Their God
is the Almighty Dollar and, obviously, protecting their
vested interests.
Apparently, they have little or no feeling or concern
if you or your loved ones die -- especially your wonderful,
beautiful children -- and they seemingly don't give
a shit that they're the indirect cause of countless
gony, torture and heartbreak among their fellow man.
Hell, the continuation of their conspiracy NOT to find
-- perhaps NOT to reveal -- a cure for most cancers is
an effort to continue to protect their lavish lifestyle.
Even worse, it is a crime against humanity.
These cancer "experts" have a good thing going, so
why would they be stupid enough to admit there IS
a cure for cancer?
As for top officials of the medical establishment,
the pharmaceutical industry and the health insurance
blood-suckers, why should they care about the horror
they cause? Why should they eliminate the absolute
horror of cancer and greatly cut down on their
obscene profits?
See, EVERYBODY makes money -- piles of it -- if they're
part of this monumental conspiracy. That's why cancer
remains the incredible killer that it is. It's a crying
shame what infernal greed can do.
Why rock the boat? Let their money keep growing on trees.
They certainly have room for a fourth Bentley Continental
GTZ in their garage.
This best explains why the most vicious types of cancer
are still alive and well after many, many decades?
What's the big problem, cancer "experts"? Are you totally
incompetent? Or do you KNOW there IS a cure for virtually
many types of cancer but your participation in a super-
onspiracy won't allow it to be used to cure the innocents?
Meanwhile, I'm amazed that my expressions about the CANCER
CURE CONSPIRACY -- in previous postings -- seems not to have
ruffled ny feathers.
There has been little or no reaction to my accusations
of deceit, deception, collusion and conspiracy from the
medical profession?
Is it because it wants to let well enough alone? Is it best
to totally ignore what I have written because maybe it'll
go away.
Will some nasty responses by cancer "experts" and cancer
"researchers" possibly get them in a lot more trouble.
Is it best that they maintain The Silence of the Lambs?
I am still awaiting backing from some honest, courageous
medical experts to come forward and reveal the undeniable
proof of the veracity of my comments: THAST, IN THIS DAY
There indeed are knowledgeable medical people out there
who haven't prostituted themselves to infernal greed, who
have a heart and a conscience and cannot stomach what's
being perpetrated on their fellow man.
Cancer "experts," with interests so vested
Their poor patients, for too long molested.
Their deceit and deception
Near the point of perfection
If it were my call, they'd ALL be arrested
CANCER VICTIMS: They Could Be YOU or Your Child
Here's one of my previous articles . . .
< An Editorial by Ed Conrad
Cancer: Indeed the most despicable word in the English language.
Worse, by far, than the seven "dirty" words that George Carlin
was ordered not to say on TV -- but, God bless him, said anyway.
CANCER, a truly ugly word, represents sheer horror, pain, agony,
torture, painful medical treatments, embarrassment and, most
often, death when way too young to die.
It also includes misery, tears and heartbreak for loved ones.

Everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- indicates that
cancer "researchers" and cancer "experts" have been
spinning their wheels for decades doing virtually
nothing to discover a cure. It's almost like they
fear the possibility of an end to this madness.
Of course, it simply may be that they have vested
interests in the pharmaceutical industry's astronomical,
mind-boggling profits FROM FAILING TO FIND A CURE and
either keeps them silent or spewing bullshit about
how close they are to finding one.
I imagine you would, too, if you had to protect
YOUR vested interests.
But, in four little words, this is how a very wise man
once explained WHY a cure for all types of cancer has
been so unreachable.
< (By Sales)
This is what annual profits it looked like just a few years ago.
1. Pfizer Inc $7,788,000,000.00
2. Merck & Co Inc $7,281,800,000.00
3. Bristol Myers Squibb Co $5,245,000,000.00
4. Glaxosmithkline Plc -Adr $4,452,744,660.00
5. Du Pont E I DeNemours $4,339,000,000.00
6. Novartis- Adr $4,153,782,880.00
7. Nestle S A -Adr $3,950,942,970.00
8. Astrazeneca Plc -Adr $2,967,009,614.86
9. Procter & Gamble Co $2,922,000,000.00
10. Lilly Eli & Co $2,780,000,000.00
11. Wyeth $2,285,294,000.00
12. Roche Hldg Ltd -Adr $2,186,294,890.00
13. Schering Plough Corp $1,943,000,000.00
14. Abbott Labs $1,550,390,000.00
15. Pharmacia Corp $1,501,000,000.00
16. Aventis -Adr $1,457,123,135.49
17. Tiers Principal Prot Tr $1,227,802,470.57
18. Amgen Inc $1,119,700,000.00
19. Bayer Ag - Adr $ 861,020,908.39
20. Hoechst A G -Adr $ 710,230,718.22
< TOTAL $60,722,136,247.00
After all, how totally incompetent can these cancer researchers be?
Cancer, you see, should've been dead and buried decades ago;
They and their predecessors have been either doing something
terribly wrong for many, many decades -- and, much worse,
Therefore, a cure is NEVER found (or, if it has been (a distinct
possibility) it has NOT been made available for the poor souls
who have been afflicted or now lie in a cemetery.
This comes despite the horrific consequences -- agony and death --
that the medical profession's involvement in collusion, conspiracy,
deceit and deception would have -- and has had --- on their fellow
man, along with heartbreak for the victims' loved ones.
A despicable record in any other research field over so many years
would find these cancer researchers selling apples on the corner.
But, rather amazingly, there are still no reprisals and years pass
with no real cure in sight.
Rather amazingly, no one in authority seems to give a shit.
Quite frankly, cancer researchers should be embarrassed to tell
strangers what they do for a living since it is quite obvious they do
very little or nothing. All they've been doing is protecting their
cushy jobs.

And the ringleaders in the medical and pharmaceutical industries
should be tarred and feathered and run out of town (if not forced to
pinstripes the rest of their lives).
It's high time cancer "researchers," cancer "experts." the American
Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute and the American
Assocation AND the highest officials of the medical and pharmaceutical
industries to end their heartbreaking, deadly game and do what they're
supposed to do.
Stop hearsing around and CURE CANCER.
Do you lack wisdom and common sense? Have you no compassion?
Your conspiracy already has caused more than enough torture and agony
-- and you're broken too many innocent hearts.
Ed Conrad
American Cancer Society
1-800 ACS-2345
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation (CCCF)
1-800 366-CCCF
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
1-800 955-4572
Lymphoma Research Foundation of America
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO)
National Brain Tumor Foundation
1-800 934-CURE
National Cancer Institutes
Cancer Information Service 1-800 4CANCER
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA)
OncoLink by University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
Skin Cancer Foundation
1-800 SKIN490
Breast Cancer Society of Canada
Canadian Cancer Society
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation Canada
Lymphoma Foundation of Canada
Toronto's WellSpring Cancer Support Center
Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Foundation
Oncolink: University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
Health Canada: Cancer
National Cancer Institute
Foundation for Children Oncology Group
Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
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