Re: Wearable Robot (aka Exo-Skeleton)

From: Andrew Swallow (
Date: 06/14/04

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 17:40:57 +0000 (UTC)

"sanman" <> wrote in message
> Here's an article from MIT's Tech Review:
> It's about a wearable robot (aka Exo-skeleton) which could be used to
> boost strength and endurance. I agree with the inventor's comment that
> even if it's awkward-looking right now, before you can do it perfectly
> you have to just be able to do it at all. The concept is sufficiently
> different from past machines that it should be allowed time to evolve
> over successive generations before it meets our expectations.

This particular machine has the cargo on the man's
back. This is a good place if the infantry man wants
to go on a long march or climb a mountain.

Against that a truck or helicopter may be a better

As An Attack Weapon.

The current design is not much use but I wonder if
a couple of machine guns could be attached to the
side and the ammunition to the hopper on the back?
Any comments from the machine gun people?

Something similar with a big mortar?

As An Logistics Aid.

To pick things up and move them short distances
fork lift trucks are ideal. They are however designed
to run on flat concrete floors. Battle fields tend to
be on muddy or sandy ground. Environments in
which caterpillar tracks or legs are better. Cranes
have a limited forwards and backwards range.

Some sort of gripping or lifting device will be needed
and a way of adjusting the weight to avoid the operator
falling over.

Things that may need picking up include shells,
vehicles, bricks and a crates containing an entire
regiment's food.

Andrew Swallow