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Date: 08/10/04

Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 20:04:25 GMT

The real trick is to read and enjoy the books for what they are and
then the movies for what they are.

Hardly any movie contains all the book, except maybe for the seven
hour War and Peace made in Russia in the late 60's/early 70's and they
had to have time for at least 4 potty breaks. :-)

I read the books four times in the 70s and recently watched the
movies. I had a good time. I was entertained. Then again, I am about
as easy to entertain as my German Shepard. A toy and some food just
about does me in every time.

Jim Klein

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>Phil Hobbs wrote:
>> West Coast Engineering wrote:
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>>>>> Wasn't is a magical device for remote seeing from Lord of the Rings.
>>>>> Kind of like having folks sit in a dark room in Washington DC and have
>>>>> them describe actions of the evil empire in Russia in the 80's.
>>>> Plantir.
>>> Thanks for the correction
>>> Jim
>> "Palantir" is the correct spelling--from someone who has read the books
>> many times but wouldn't see the movies on a bet.
> Actually, they weren't at all bad for movie adaptations
>of books (compared to say, the _Dune_ abominations). Yes,
>there was a LOT left out, and a tad too much sappiness
>inserted at awkward moments, but they definitely earned the
>SPFX awards for Gollum. He was dead on.
> Mark L. Fergerson