Re: Basic newbie question on cmos sensor and optics

>Have you ever noticed how those little cheap point-and-shoot digital
>cameras with lots and lots of megapixels, take really crappy pictures
>in dim light situations? It's because what they really need is a
>bigger diameter lens to collect enough light to fill all of those
>==if by crappy you mean noisy, I agree. Resolution wise, the main
>reason is they do not have good lenses, so at low light the aperture is
>wide open and aberratons kill the image quality. When there is a lot
>of light, the aperture is small, and aberratons are negligible. At
>about F/64, you can do with no lens at all - people did so in the early
>days of photography
Referring to the above, my neighbor has a camera made about 1935. It
uses, I think, 100 size film. Anyway, the film is quite large, about
2"x3". It has only a simple DCX lens in it for taking pictures and
another simple DCX that projects an image on a small ground glass
screen for the view finder. Both lenses were dirty so I removed and
cleaned them. I bought some film and took some pictures with it in
good sunlight. I was amazed at how good the pictures came out. And I
remember now that the aperture when the shutter was opened was very

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