Re: David Hockney controversy?

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Nuernberg/Nuremberg/Norimberga (Italian).

We have those funny little dots on top off certain letters:
Contemporary german spelling --> Köln, Nürnberg.
(The dots shoculd show if encoding, mime etc works properly...)

Sure, umlaut or trema (in French)

See the official www-site of the city:

Indeed Nuernberg !!! Sehr amusant!

I have checked in the Times of London Atlas and a german
guide book (written in german), it's Nuernberg where ue stands
for u with an umlaut.

In view of the above I am left with little option but to retract my
previous apologies to Prof. Siegman!!! ;-)

A careful computer simulation should settle the issue.

Scientific American did this a couple of years ago. They actually did 3D
models of Hockneys favorite examples and derived the "correct" image
from ray tracing. IRC there were systematic deviations to the actual
painting that could best be explained if there was no optics involved.
The authors > concluded that the artist did the painting without optics

That's my opinion too, I have never been truly convinced by the
Hockney/Falco thesis, but taking into account the level of acrimony
one has to be careful and I admit that I have yet to study all the relevant
papers in depth.

Yes, thanks, I think I remember the Scient. Amer. article, I am making a
beeline to the library!

Incidentally another Hockney devotee reference: