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I write and sell and give away free versions of my optical design
software called KDP. See my signature line. The free version at my web
site is more that capable of designing and analysing any and all
optical systems of interest to any amateur astronomer so I'm not
trying to sell anybody anything. This is not an ad. I respect the
non-commercial nature of news groups.

I have had a long term interest in celestial mechanics and have
started to add celestial mechanics computational capabilities to my
software for my own intellectual curiosity. I have started with Orbits
for Amateurs.

Has this need, if in fact there is a need, already been answered by
some other software or would it be a useful thing to provide.
Ephemeris calc's, orbital elements and all the other things of
interest to the seriously demented amateur.

Thought I'd ask before I spend too many lost weekends programming. :-)

If this does stimulate interests, what specifically would be of most

What I add would be included in my free software version as well as in
the commercial version and the astronomical capabilities would be
fully implemented in a full manner in all software versions.


James E. Klein

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