Re: Where have all my sci.optics friends migrated?

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IMO Usenet on the whole is on the wane. There are plenty of old-timers
hanging on. But I don't see that much new blood coming in and staying
around (typical seems to be one question in some sort of mobile phone
message dialect of English, then back to the web chat sites and IM).

Dismaying to me how many colleagues and acquaintances, although active
email and web users, are totally uninformed as to what Usenet newsgroups
are, not to mention how useful they can be.

On the other hand, also dismaying how rapidly a useful newsgroup can
deteriorate into being essentially unusable due to (a) trolls, OT
posters, fanatics, and other just plain jerks, and (b) spammers.

I can add to the dismay when about a year or so ago I was shopping
possible new ISP's and on every one, when I inquired about usenet,
not a soul even knew what I was talking about. Even a reference to
GoogleGroups didn't help. On one occasion, after repeatedly asking
for a higher up in exasperation, I got hung up on.

I really hate it when the tech support or sales people are dumber
than me.

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