Re: KDP2 and Engineering Calculations here again

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Hello all my optics friends,

Engineering Calculations is back in business with its optical design
program KDP2.

Our web site atwww.ecalculations.comwill be updated by end of day,
Wednesday, February 23, 2010.

We will be selling user support for KDP2 for $260.00/year starting at
that time. User support will comprise questions answered, bugs fixed
in a timely manner and requested new features added in a timely
manner. I will help with your problems as well. You will be able to
contact me via email and telephone. All contact data will be on our
web site.

KDP2 will be accessible for free at that time, including full source
code. Support will not be free but the latest version of the program
with source will be free.

Most sincerely,

Jim Klein
Engineering Calculations

James E. Klein
Engineering Calculations
KDP2 Optical Design Program and Design Work
1-818-507-5706 (Fax)
1377 E. Windsor Rd., #317
Glendale, CA 91205

A story repeated.

Jim Klein - 02 Jun 2005 01:12 GMT

At the request of the folks at my day job, after reviewing my past
disclosures of my work on this optical design program, my day job
legal office has asked me to stop selling and supporting ODP, KDP and

I have of course agreed.

As of this post, West Coast Engineering (formerly Engineering
Calculations and Acme Optics) is henceforth and permanently out of
business. No further support of any kind will be provides to those
with copies of OPD, KDP or Roadrunner.


Jim Klein

Can you remember that?

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Jim Klein <jamesekl...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Wed, 06 Jul 2005 21:29:50 GMT

Re: Lens design software updates

Hey Jan,

This is not a place to advertise your products. Go spend some $ on a
magazine ad and stop spamming here on sci.optics.

No one likes people who try to do free advertising on sci.optics.

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