Re: Weak interaction: what are these 246 GeV vacuum expectation value?

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It is often writtem that the weak interaction has a
vacuum expectation value of 246 GeV/c^2.

Not sure where you got the /c^2 from. ??? That makes it a mass instead of energy. Got a reference where you got that from?

It is
also called the vacuum condensation energy of the Higgs
field. But what exactly is this energy?

Is it an energy density - if so: what is the underlying volume?

Is it something else?

Can anybody explain this to a novice?

The vev = 246 GeV is derived from the Fermi Coupling Constant of weak interactions. It is not an energy density.'s_interaction
G_F/(hbar*c)^3 = 1/(sqrt(2)(vev)^2)

Solve and get vev ~= 246.22 GeV

Now the wiki site has G_F dependent on g, the weak coupling constant, and the mass of the W boson, so you can say that the vev is also dependent on those. Caution: the stuff on the wiki page is in natural units of hbar = c = 1.


Quantum Vacuum Charge papers;
or postscript