Re: A Forgotten Prediction of Einstein

Sue... wrote:
> Russell wrote:
> > Sue... wrote:

[I think it's ok to snip most of this]

> > > Spend your two hours with the bell-hop problem.
> >
> > Heh, I know you are not serious, but let's pretend that you
> > are, and make a deal. If I work out the bellhop problem for
> > you, will you *finally* get off your duff and do a calculation
> > for me? It's OK with me if you don't know how, just say so,
> > and I'll walk you through it.
> >
> > > If you find it in your argurment then spend as long
> > > as necessary in the study of various forms of Maxwelll's
> > > equations 'till you learn how to make the argument
> > > correctly.
> >
> > That's the whole problem with you, you study and study
> > and never get around to doing a calculation to see if you
> > actually understood what you studied. You might find
> > the answer disturbing, far better not to go there at all,
> > I guess....
> If your believe Einstein's 'Relativiy of Simulatiety' metaphysic

Metaphysic? We're just talking coordinates here. You
are *so* confused.

> has any physical translation then you need to demonstate
> with real field equations which will include moving media.

What, you don't think the Jackson paper, which you tout
around these parts, includes relativity of simultaneity? Of
course you have worked this out yourself and are certain it
does not.... Btw, have you sent that email to Jackson,
informing him that his paper contradicts special relativity?

> Focus here:
> Time-independent Maxwell equations
> The Biot-Savart law
> Electrostatics and magnetostatics
> Time-dependent Maxwell's equations
> Retarded potentials
> Advanced potentials?
> Retarded fields
> Summary
> (You can tranlate Fitzpatrick to acsii maths yourself if
> that is your preference )

Did you email Fitzpatrick too? Most academics *love* getting
email from interested laypersons willing to discuss their
papers (or websites) intelligently, as I'm sure you will do.

> If you can't find the difference or can't find equations
> for moving media then I'll try to find it for you.

Right, you are good at finding. But no calculations. Make
the things you find hairy enough, and you can say anything
you like about them since nobody will ever find out what exact
misinterpretation you are making of them to lead you to the
nonsense you say. And if nobody can do that, well, you must
be right. At least you can fool yourself that way, I suppose.

This exchange has devolved and is now off topic AFAICS.
So, if I don't get a chance to post again here, let me just say
in closing, *what* missing dollar?