I Love GR

I love GR.

I love it so much that I've spent my 8 years of retirement thinking
about it, after a lifetime spent making a living and raising a family.

I love it so much that when I think about the philosophical conflict
between GR and QM, it's GR that I want to keep and use to describe the

So I've spent 8 years thinking about modifications to GR from which the
quantum world would emerge naturally from the structure of space/time.

I love GR so much that I practise "tough love". I don't bury my head in
the sand when I see where change is needed. As a parent and
grandparent, I don't think that little GeRald can do no wrong and is
beyond criticism. Sometimes GeRald behaved badly to QuasiModo. Mmy wife
thought that I should correct QuasiModo - he must be doing something
wrong. But it was GeRald I loved and it was with him I had to be
tough, not QuasiModo

I love GR.