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"wow! if I make relativity sound stupid, it is just like I proved
relativity wrong!"


Hafele and Keating is an EXPERIMENT that existed in real life. Your
"experiment" is a nonsensical through experiment whose only result is
highlighting the fantastic ignorance of its' creator.

H&K had no light path. It couldn't possibly test:
<< As judged from K, the clock is moving with the velocity v;
as judged from this reference-body, the time which elapses
between two strokes of the clock is not one second, but... >>


We all know that the H&K experiment was totally inadequate, but the results
that were published were verified by later more accurate experiments, so
can we just refer to it as the H&K experiment and move on?
Norman Bates

I never bring it up but when the H.G Wells fans offer it as
proof of an absurd interpretation of SR then is should be

< H&K has nothing to do with SR, idiot. >

<< The published outcome of the experiment was consistent
with special relativity, and the observed time gains and
losses were reportedly different from zero to a high degree
of confidence.

No, the experiment was consistent with GR.

Do you know the difference between SR and GR?

That result was contested by Dr. A. G. Kelly who examined
the raw data: according to him, the final published outcome
had to be averaged in a biased way in order to claim
such a high precision: >>

The claims of the electrical engineer [why is it always an engineer]
have been debunked many, many times in the past.

Learn some physics:
Time-independent Maxwell equations
Time-dependent Maxwell's equations

Oh look more irrelevant links.

It isn't a Sue post until there is a smattering of links that have
nothing to do with the topic at hand.


The last I looked the first three letters of this n.g. are still



Why would he? All you are doing is attempting to phrase relativity in a
stupid way even though you have no concept of what relativity is or
what it predicts.

Your attempts to invalidate an experiment you disagree with is childish
and transparent. The Earth, believe it or not, did not stop rotating in
the H&K experiment. Stop pretending it did.



Thank christ there is one genuine physicist on the NG.