Re: Potential energy and relativity

On Jun 2, 4:43 am, "Juan R." <juanrgonzal...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On May 12, 5:01 pm, karandash2...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

On May 12, 4:19 am, "Juan R." <juanrgonzal...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
<Juanshito the shithead waffling snipped>

Come on, old fart , I asked you to show some calculations, not your
stock propaganda.
What did you say your "Center for Canonical Studies" published? Nazi
propaganda doesn't count as physics.

Unfounded (and coward because anonymity) accusation.


1. You never published any physics.
2.Your "Center for Canonical Studies" never published anything (except
for your NAZI propaganda, on your web blog)

Also add 40 points to your huge Baez Crackpot index by rule 33,

[RULE 33
40 points for comparing those who argue against your ideas to Nazis,
stormtroopers, or brownshirts.

Look at what you write in your blog, brown shirt shithead.


Now, the lagrangian, please. Let's see you calculate , old fart..

This was already replied a month ago.

You never did. So write it.

Also I am waiting you to reply my post when I asked youi to write the
_general_ equation of motion (yes, I know you cannot).

You are unable to write any physics.


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