Re: einstein didnt knew his tensors

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I find it really amazing that you can essentially write a whole book
of material on GR and how to interpret it, yet you still don't even
understand basic eighth grade algebra.

Yes, it's sort of intriguing how someone can go through so much stuff
without understanding. I'd die of boredom if I had to do such thing.

This is why you are not working in the field that your education
called out for, Mr. curator of second rated films. <shrug>

Try asking him, for example, what dq^i is in the formula above. I mean
exactly, not the hand-waving "infinitesimal displacement" or some
such. How is the multiplication of two such things defined? (In other
words, what is exactly sitting between dq^i and dq^j. And what exactly
is sitting between g_ij and dq^i?) You'll never get an answer.

This is not a film you are critiquing, OK?

And this is the fellow who has the front to lecture on Einstein's
scientific "faults".

Since none of the nonsense came from Einstein himself, your statement
above is so wrong. Einstein was merely a nitwit, a plagiarist, and a
liar. <shrug>

And to post feature-length junk like the one I
clipped above.

As I said, this is no second-rated film you are critiquing. <shrug>

Igor - I rest my case. That's what Koobee invariably reduces to when
pressed to deliver an actual meaningful technical statement:
irrelevancies, vague ad hominem allusions, and lies about Einstein.

Jan Bielawski