Re: Ballistic Theory vs Sagnac - A Java Applet

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: Hey Guys!
: For my very -first- Java applet, I thought I'd illustrate the
: consequences of Ballistic Theory versus the Sagnac experiment.

Very good animation, Tom and Jerry. You've proved c+v and c-v
and the changing phase relation. Just tape a paper window over
the screen at any point on the circumference to see it. Well done.
To improve the model, add the waves like this:

and allow a restart or continue indefinitely, like this.

In other words, Emission Theory predicts that the amount of displacement
the interference fringes is very much affected by the rate of rotation.

Once again, well done. Despite your incorrect and ridiculous comments,
you have programmed Sagnac correctly.
The velocity of light is c in the rotating frame

Perhaps we finally get somewhere! Do I see correctly that you agree that
according to ballistic theory, the speed of light clockwise and
counter-clockwise should both be equal to c in the rotating frame?


and c+v, c-v in the
frame of the screen. Nice that you've finally got there, and
to Henri for teaching you so well.