How can be applied in practice, the laws of the mechanics, is a very
important question, that I like to clarify. This is important because
as a participant on the discussions in the group Science physics
relativity realized that exist serious mistaken interpretations.
The laws of the mechanics are the following:
1) The first law of the mechanics, (the law of the inertia), or (a=0)
describes the state of staying or of motion of the material bodies
when there do not exist external forces acting upon it. It is evident
that this law is a particular case of the second law of the mechanics
for a=0, which means that upon the material body do not act any
external force and because of that there do not appear inertial force,
2) The second law of the mechanics, could be named and the general law
of the inertia. His mathematical relation is, (Fi=m.a). This law ever
must be correlated with the third law of the mechanics because an
inertial force does not appear without the existence of an external
3) The third law of the mechanics, Fe=-Fi where Fe is an exterior
force which acts upon the material body in dynamic motion, and Fi is
the interior inertial force with which the material body opposes to
the external force Fe.
4) The law of the universal attraction, F=k.M.m/r^2. This force
appears only as a result of the existence of gravitational field.
About these relations can be realized the following properties:
a) In all these laws, the forces are related only to the motion of the
material bodies about which we know that have a mass (m). That is why
in all of them in theirs formulas appear the size mass (m).
b) The action of the gravitational forces and the inertial forces upon
our body is not sensible, because these forces act upon every atom of
our body. We can feel only the action of a mechanical force.
Because of the misunderstanding of this property Einstein has emitted
the mistaken Principle of the equivalence of the inertial force with
the gravitational field, which evidently is an errant assumption and
led to the emission of the errant general relativity.
This property of the gravitational and inertial forces to not be felt
by us can be named: The principle of the insensibility of the
gravitational and the inertial forces by a human being.
The mistaken applications of the mechanical laws are referred mostly
to these two points, a) and b).
The point a) shows that the laws of the mechanics can be used only for
the determination of the motion of the material bodes and not for the
determination of the motion of the light or of the electromagnetic
The point b), I can say, that is the most mistakenly understood. For
this point I give the following example, when an athlete is jumping
the height of 2m. He pushes upward his body with a mechanical force
with the aid of his legs. He goes upward with the inertial force as a
result of the speed that got by the pushing up of the mechanical
force, but this speed is braked down by the gravitational force of the
earth and this is the cause why he cant go higher. When he falls down
the role of the gravitational force and the inertial force is
inversed, and the gravitational force accelerates the body down ward
while the inertial force now opposes to the gravitational force and
limits the speed. This is the cause why the speed doesn't increase
Going upward the body looses kinetic energy and gets potential
Falling down the body consumes this potential energy
The athlete in his fly doesn't feel any force acting upon his body
and this is explicable by the Principle of the insensibility and not
with the principle of the equivalence. In the same way could be
explained the flying of a man in a cabin satellite of the earth. There
the linear speed of the satellite remains constant and the equilibrium
of the gravitational force and the inertial force is obtained with the
centripetal gravitational force and the centrifugal inertial force.
This is the explication why the satellite evolves around the earth and
doesn't go in a right line direction, and why there exists a state of
In techniques is said that is impossible to be created a "perpetum
mobile" but in the case of the natural and artificial satellites it is
possible, they rotate timely infinite. This phenomenon is allowed by
the property of the inertial and the gravitational forces that act
upon every atom of the material body. This article shows that the
Einstein principle of the equivalence is defined in a wrong way
because the man in the chest placed in a large portion of the space
didn't feel an inertial force but he felt a mechanical force. And the
comparison done with the man sitting in a chair in his house where the
man feels the same a mechanical force, is in fact a comparison between
two mechanical forces. And this mistaken mind experiment stays on the
base in which is created the General Relativity!!!
As a result of what is said above we can conclude that the biggest
blunder in physics is done with the assumption of the Principle of the
equivalence of the inertial force with the gravitational field.
That is why we can say that by proclaiming the accelerated motion as
being an inertial coordinate system, in fact negates the Galilei-
Newton theory and just is in contradiction with Einstein errant
special relativity.
That is why he defending his errant general theory of the relativity
was obliged to proclaim the Galilei-Newton theory, and just his errant
special theory as being less general theories!