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Why the speed of light is constant

A material body if launched with velocity v1 from a body moving with
velocity v2 (the source) acquires velocity v1+v2. The resulting speed
of the launched body is greater than either the source or its own
initial speed.

The speed of light however is constant regardless of the speed of the
source. Why has the source no influence? The answer is that light has
no mass against which a source could act. Immediately when it leaves
the emitting body, it enters an all pervading agent which is
stimulated by the properties of light. The agent, suffusing all
quadrants, nooks and crannies of the universe, is called the ether. It
carries the light according to its own properties that are
unchangeable, allowing the speed of light to be constant throughout
the universe but subject to the properties of a secondary media in
which it exists. The secondary media is either opaque (solid bodies)
or transparent (glass, water, air, vacuum etc). Einstein acknowledged
the ether but ignored it in his theories as he believed it could not
be detected. However, the very existence of light is the best proof of
the ether.

Peter Riedt

I contend that the value of c is not constant. yes its independent of source
variable dependent on seperation distance of local groupings of mass.

ook at this concept on a 1 dim construct.

X'x = SPP'1, SPP'2,SPP'3 ect.
------ = QS (QP) (Quantum State with matter,
Quantum Point without matter)
< or > = direction of motion
+ or - = value of QS
^'x = point of observation

< + < - > + < - >
^'1 ^'2 ^'3 ^'4 ^'5 ^'6 ^'7 ^'8

I contend that you were attacted by a Dementor yesterday evening.

Dirk Vdm

I contend your contention is due to the intrinsic bias you exist within...

Not only within.
Within *and* troughout.

Dirk Vdm

Yup.. and you know not of which Intrinsic Bias I speak... Or do you..

Actually, not only intrinsic
Intrinsic *and* extrinsic.
And Of course I do.

Dirk Vdm