Re: the purpose of argument is to uncover errors and find the truth.

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Are we really arguing about composition of functions...

NOUN: 1. Pertinence to the matter at hand.

The point is you fail to make any argument at all...
You state:

It means abject nonsense, a trivial schoolboy blunder.

The equations you present, probably misquoted, are nonsensical. Which
I guess was your point... What are you supposedely quoting here...
I'd really like to look up this paper/book and see it for myself.


Never mind Androcles.

Androcles and Boolean algebra:
Androcles and calculating 2*5:
Androcles and differentials:
Androcles and integrals:
Androcles and geometry:
Androcles and transformations:
Androcles and calculations:
Androcles and groups:
Androcles and logs:
Androcles and vectors:
Androcles and polar coordinates:
Androcles and limits:
Androcles and equations:
Androcles and square roots:
Androcles and partial differential equations:

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